Brewing up a new look

— Brightside Brewing are one of Manchester’s most established brewing names, found in many pubs and bars in the city and beyond. We were approached by them to refresh their brand identity and give a shot in the arm to their pump clips and keg badges, website and point of sale collateral.

Alongside this work we also developed the branding and identity for their experimental arm the the brewery ‘Wildside’, where they flex their creative brewing muscles. This identity needed a different approach, distinctive from the more traditional Brightside look – with a visual appearance more suitable for a more ‘craft’ centric sales environment.



Our basis for development of the branding was rooted in nature. We wanted to evoke the feeling of getting outdoors and exploring new experiences, as an analogy to Brightside exploring new beers and ideas with their ‘Wildside’.

We’ve been working with Drumbeat since we decided our brand needed a face lift, and needed a company that could take care of every aspect of this for us. Since then they have given us a full Brightside brand refresh, created a whole new concept for our craft beer line Wildside Beers and developed our fantastic company website from scratch.

I can trust the team to create great work within the timescales I need to our specification and within our budget. They deliver every time which is so important when running a busy business. They’re a pleasure to work with!
— Carley Friedrich, Brightside Brewery

1. Responsive website   2. Commissioned photography   3. Pump clips and keg badges   4. Sister brand beer packaging

Photography by Mark Newton