The 5 reasons why you should allow dogs in your office

The 5 reasons why you should allow dogs in your office

— February 18

alfie drumbeat studio dog

Who let the dogs out? Well, as it happens… We did.

Here at Drumbeat, we have not one but two office dogs: Alfie the Weimaraner and Levi the Boston Terrier. So, it shouldn’t come as a complete shock to discover that we’re very much in favour of running a dog-friendly workplace.

“You let your dogs in the office? Does your day not descend into complete chaos!?”

Not at all. Yes, having canine colleagues is quite a nice perk, but there’s also a number of scientifically proven benefits to bringing your furry friend along to work.

1. Dogs relieve stress

Allowing dogs into your workplace boasts a number of advantages, one being that the presence of dogs can actually reduce stress. In fact, a number of studies have revealed how offices with dogs can prove to be much more calming environments in comparison to those without. Don’t quite buy it? Well, the phenomenon of dogs minimising stress is actually fairly well-known, with many universities annually hosting sessions where students can interact with dogs around stressful exam periods.

2. Dogs promote positive social interactions

Dog-friendly work places also tend to promote an atmosphere that encourages communication and team work. For instance, Nestlé’s corporate headquarters began allowing dogs within the premises a few years back now and ever since, employees have reported a much ‘warmer atmosphere’. It’s true that an office dog can be an incredibly powerful bonding tool, encouraging individuals from different teams and sectors to interact and socialise.

3. Dogs encourage regular exercise

Sitting in the same position all day long can reduce your energy and ultimately, stunt your productivity. This is where an office dog comes in handy. With a pup comes the responsibility of regular walks – a chance to get up, stretch your legs and take a brief pause from your computer screen. Not a dog owner yourself? Not to worry, as we’re pretty sure that their owner will be happy to let you borrow their pooch for a quick stroll around the block.

4. Dogs can improve your company’s image

levi drumbeat studio dog

Running a dog-friendly organisation is ultimately good PR. Whether your aim is to increase employee retention or entice high-quality candidates, allowing dogs in your office is as an attractive feature for animal owners and a great tool for recruiting potential hires. Additionally, the external perception of your business can also be enhanced. As a nation of dog lovers, most clients and customers react positively to your canine colleague as they help them to relax and enjoy their visit to your company.

5. No more emotional goodbyes

Let’s face it, it’s never nice waving goodbye to your furry best friend. Quite understandably, dogs don’t like being left on their own for too long either. By allowing employees to bring their pets into the office, you are reducing the added stress of pet care costs, providing a unique perk and improving your company’s environment.

Allowing dogs into your office?… Not as barking as it once sounded.