Some bullshit for marketers!


— March 2015

Cynics rejoice! The time has come to assert an uncomfortable truth… Marketing is absolutely chock full of bullshit!


There, we said it. Perhaps not the wisest claim for an online marketing agency to make, but as Mulder and Scully once said, the truth is out there.

Don’t believe us? Read on – and let us show you a whole world of bullshit for marketers:


Need some digital front end bullshit, may we recommend:

How about some senior level board room marketing bullshit? Step right up:

Want marketing meeting bullshit bingo, complete with game card? Be our guest:

Time to pad out designs with some bullshit lorum? Click and go:

What’s that? You’d like translated bullshit? Fill your little French boots right here:


You see our point? The playing field is brim full with bullshit for marketers. But what can we do to reverse this worrying trend? How can we put and end to all the marketing bullshit?


Well, you know how it goes…The pressure is on to deliver another killer campaign (a bit like these). Deadlines are looming, stakeholders are watching and content needs creating. The time is right to start crafting some clever copy which will: delight your audience, enhance your brand and quite probably put another trophy in your awards cabinet… But before you go getting too Lord Byron about it, here’s a great little website which might just help us all buck the trend and step away from the bullshit:

Please use all of the above with caution and don’t forget, in these cynical times, if it looks like bullshit and smells like bullshit…it’s quite probably bullshit!