Buzzsumo: One of the best tools for content writers


— March 2015

As content marketers we spend long hours crafting pieces that we hope will connect and resonate with our audiences.


Painstaking consideration is often given to the topics that our readers or viewers will most likely engage with and, in a perfect world, want to share.


As such, knowing what our target audience is already reading, viewing and sharing could provide some pretty powerful insight right? Well, let us introduce Buzzsumo – one of the best tools for content writers we’ve come across recently:

Buzzsomo allows you to quickly see which content around your chosen topic is already proving to be most popular across the web. We can also see who the key influencers are, in terms of driving sharing and engagement around any potential subject. Thus, we can begin to shape our own content from an informed position with a clear understanding of what is already working!

This service is free for the first 5 searches per day, thereafter a pretty reasonable pricing structure kicks in, but for our money, we still think it’s one of the best tools for content writers available.