7 of the coolest and most creative offices in the world

7 of the coolest and most creative offices in the world

— August 2017

Check out 7 of the coolest and most creative offices in the world! From rooms dedicated to napping, to slides instead of stairs, these headquarters are guaranteed to leave you with some serious office envy.


Work offices are, more often than not, visually bland and stifling. Peeling wallpaper, stained carpets and a photocopying machine that needs to be turned off and then back on again before working properly…Inspiring, right? Recently, however, an increasing number of corporate companies have started to rejuvenate their headquarters in imaginative and inventive ways. There is an abundance of reasons as to why office design can have a substantial impact on business performance. Numerous studies have shown that a creative office can entice potential employees, generate an uplifting environment and increase the productivity, morale and retention of current staff. With this in mind, it is not surprising that more and more companies are starting to prioritise their office’s appearance, not only here in the UK, but also further afield.

As workspaces with eccentric designs have become more conventional, the guys here at Drumbeat have collated a list of 7 of the coolest and most creative offices in the world.

1. Airbnb, San Francisco

Airbnb have been revolutionising the hospitality industry since their establishment in 2008. Based in San Francisco, the innovative head office represents the company’s ethos of openness and collaboration with its mainly open-plan design, accompanied by small meeting rooms dotted throughout. These areas draw on décor from some of the website’s most popular listings, including houses in Paris, Milan and Bali.

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2. Ticket Master, London

Designed with the intention to boost creativity levels and urge socialisation amongst co-workers, Ticket Master’s London-based office boasts various communal areas for its employees to both work and rest in. Perhaps the headquarters’ most standout feature is its slide, bridging two floors together. The slide brings an element of entertainment and excitement to the workplace, whilst acting as an impressive sculpture in its own right.

3. Facebook, New York

Facebook is renowned for its incredible perks and great culture, regularly featuring on Business Insider’s ‘Best Companies to Work For’ and Glassdoor’s ‘Best Places to Work’. The company’s copious offices comprise many creative features and their division in New York is no expectation. The unique workspace contains a physical embodiment of a Facebook ‘wall’ for visitors to sign, a room filled with miniature furniture and a media space that is utilised for the filming of Facebook Live videos.

4. Dropbox, San Francisco

The popular digital storage service, Dropbox, allows people to access, share and collaborate on files. The company recently revamped their 300,00 square foot headquarters in San Francisco with the aim to increase the connectivity between the business’ many teams. The new design comprises of a mixture of public and private workspaces, with areas dedicated to music, exercise, eating and even napping!

5. LEGO, Billund

The name LEGO originates from the Danish phrase ‘leg godt’, meaning ‘play well’. With a company name of this nature, it is understandable that the business’ headquarters have been designed to stimulate the imagination. Fitted with recreation rooms filled with games and even a slide connecting two floors, the unorthodox workspace helps to encourage a fun and creative way of thinking – something that is needed when working at a company like LEGO.

My new office at the LEGO design studio has a slide...

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6. Google, California

Google’s base in California is not just one office, but a campus of buildings titled ‘Googleplex’. The technology giant is regularly deemed as the world’s most attractive employer and the king of corporate perks, with its offices boasting a bowling alley, several fitness centres and a numerous food outlets where Google workers can claim three free gourmet meals a day.

7. Instagram, California

Last year, Instagram celebrated its sixth year in operation with a brand-new office. The company’s creative director, Ian Spalter, collaborated with an architecture firm to design a workspace that reflected the app’s updated interface and icon. The stylish offices include fully stocked micro-kitchens on each floor, ultra-modern conference rooms and life-size Instagram back drops for employees and visitors to photograph against.

Instagram'ing from #instagram = Mind Blown

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