5 quick tips to help you craft the perfect strapline for your property campaign

5 quick tips to help you craft the perfect strapline for your property campaign

— August 2017

Here at Drumbeat, we work alongside several property developers and agents each year and therefore recognise what makes a successful strapline. Discover more right here on our blog.


A strapline can be an incredibly effective tool when it comes to property marketing. When thoughtfully constructed, a strapline provides a valuable insight into your brand and can really bring your space to life. If executed poorly, however, it can be confusing and potentially damaging to your campaign – so, it’s essential to get it right.

Follow our 5 quick tips and craft the perfect strapline for your property campaign.

Always remember to…

1. Think about the response

Before you begin to contemplate the wording of the strapline, firstly consider the response that you want it to elicit. Ask yourself: how do you want people to perceive your development? Maybe that it’s practical, affordable or stylish? Whatever it may be, ensure that the strapline will lead them to an accurate reflection of this.

2. Keep it ‘on-brand’

A strapline will only be effective if it seamlessly aligns with the identity and branding of your scheme. If the strapline jars with the overarching brand, then it may feel incongruous and won’t resonate well with readers.

3. Take physical cues

Take cues from the building itself and consider whether there are any architectural, historical or situational characteristics that could be evolved into a concise signature line for the development. By taking inspiration from tangible sources, the strapline will seem more relevant and be better received.

4. Be clear and concise

When it comes to straplines, short and sweet triumphs. Take Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ and McDonald’s ‘I’m Lovin’ It’ as examples. Generally, you have just a split second to capture your audience’s attention and convey the essence of your brand. It’s a tough challenge, so don’t overcomplicate it by trying to deliver an abundance of information.

5. Don’t overthink it

It can be tempting to run with a strapline because it sounds clever or catchy, but if it doesn’t truly reflect your brand or development we’d advise against this. Instead, aim for something that supports your property’s brand and its offerings…If this can be articulated in an engaging or thought-provoking way, then even better!

Remember to have fun with it! You’re capturing a feeling – the spirit of your property development or building and trying to elicit a response. Be creative and explore lots of alternative approaches. Crafting a strong strapline can be challenging but when you arrive at something which works, you’ll know – and you’ll be delighted that all of those hours of online thesaurus looks up finally paid off.