Digital marketing techniques that every property professional should use

Digital marketing techniques that every property professional should use

— August 2017

Position yourself at the forefront of the property industry and discover the digital marketing techniques that every property professional should be using right now…


The way that people search for property has changed. Rather than kick-starting their hunt with an estate agent, up to 90% of people now begin the process online. This divergence to digital means that traditional methods of marketing, like attractive brochures and striking signage, are no longer sufficient when applied alone.

Property professionals can now choose from one of two options:
1. Harness the new digital technologies available or
2. Get left behind.

In a sector that is repeatedly still deemed as a rather traditional industry, it can be tempting to stick to what you know. This, however, will mean that you’re dismissing the business of the 90% of people who have taken to the web to conduct their property search. Make sure that you don’t get left behind and discover the digital marketing techniques that every property professional should be using…

Content creation

Content marketing is rapidly becoming the most effective way to attract and convert potential leads, with 78% of people reporting that they prefer to become acquainted with a company via articles, rather than ads. This is why blogging, if scripted carefully and cleverly, can produce extremely valuable results. These include:

  • An uplift in website views. If you actively share your content on social media, emails and other marketing platforms, then you can expect your blog posts to reach a sizable audience and drive them across to your site.

  • A growth in session duration. Well-written, engaging posts have the ability to retain users’ attention and increase the amount of time that they spend on your website.

  • A sense of authority. The creation of informative and instructive content about the wider property sector will help to firmly establish your position as a knowledgeable and trustworthy source.

  • Higher ranking in search engines. A blog can fuel your SEO strategy. Regular outputs will remind search engines that your website is active and therefore improve your website’s ranking.

Social media marketing

In the early stages of a property journey, people can be reluctant to pick up a phone or speak with an agent face-to-face. Social media, however, provides users with a medium to connect and communicate with property experts without the pressures of a hard sell. Social media can also:

  • Form relationships. Social channels (particularly Twitter) encourage conversation and therefore allow companies to interact with potential leads in a personal and non-obtrusive manner.

  • Build a sense of community. The informal nature of social media allows businesses to develop their own online ‘voice’ and assemble a community of followers who will hopefully convert to loyal customers/clients.

  • Solidify your brand. With posts containing a mixture of video, text and imagery, social platforms provide property companies with the perfect opportunity to reinforce and amplify their brand.

  • Increase visibility. There are over 2.8 billion active social media users worldwide. This means that, unlike traditional advertising, social media can help to expand your international reach.

Email campaigns

Arriving at the conclusion to invest in a property can be spread across months of decision-making, therefore remaining relevant throughout this period is crucial. In order to continually capture your audience’s attention, consider incorporating email marketing into your strategy. Email campaigns can:

  • Keep your audience updated. Email creates a direct line of communication between yourself and potential leads, meaning that you can notify your database with any advancements.

  • Interact with those interested. Unlike other marketing channels, email solely communicates with already-engaged users who are interested in your updates and have consented to a signup process.

  • Deliver personalised messages. You can segment your database and deliver messages in a highly targeted manner based on behaviour such as location and demographics.

  • Help to conduct smarter marketing. Due to the wealth of data that this source of marketing holds, you can use this intelligence to make smarter and more accurate business decisions.

It’s time to get digital…

Digital marketing doesn’t have to be confusing. In fact, content, social media and email marketing can be relatively simple. Yet when carefully considered and aligned with your business’ core activities, digital marketing has the capacity to deepen connections, drive sales and solidify brand loyalty. So, what’s stopping you? Position yourself at the forefront of the property industry and get your digital strategy planned today.

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