How to write an irresistibly clickable blog title

How to write an irresistibly clickable blog title

— October 2017

Behind every top-performing blog post is an irresistibly clickable title. Take a read over our guide to crafting a click-worthy blog post title.


Have you ever spent hours researching, planning and executing the perfect blog post to discover that it has failed to attract any form of attention? Before you begin to deconstruct your carefully crafted copy, firstly consider whether the drawback may be your title.

Studies have revealed that over 2 million blog posts are produced every single day, meaning that the blogosphere has become fiercely competitive. In fact, recent research has pinpointed that 80% of web users will read a blog post’s title, yet fail to click through to the content itself. Consequently, an intriguing, descriptive and applicable headline has never been more vital.

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1. Make it clear and specific

One of the most crucial components of drafting an effective blog title is writing in a clear and specific manner. If the phrasing of the header is vague, it may trigger a sense of ambiguity and cause potential readers to disregard what could have been a highly engaging and informative blog post.

General title: How to increase your blog views

Specific title: How to write an irresistibly clickable blog post title

Consider the two examples above. In comparison to the more general phrase, the specific blog title sets clear expectations for the reader and depicts exactly what will be covered in the post - something that will satisfy your audience and boost your validity.

2. Adopt the correct format

In order to construct a highly clickable blog title, employ the following formats:

How to: How to make your blog post title more clickable

Question: How can I make my blog post title more clickable?

Guarantee: Techniques that are guaranteed to get your blog post clicked

Top 10: Top 10 tips that will make your blog post title more clickable

These structures will not only benefit your SEO and target long-tail keywords, but they are also relatively inclusive and applicable to most categories of blogging. If applied correctly, these approaches can be extremely effective in terms of increasing click-through rate by tempting readers to gain additional knowledge.

3. Use persuasive language

Your blog title may be comprehensible, but if it seems dull and tedious then readers will refrain from engaging with your work; simply boost your blog title’s attractiveness by integrating adverbs and adjectives.

Without: How to write a clickable blog post

With: How to write an irresistibly clickable blog post

Now we may be somewhat biased, but we believe that the title with the adjective is much more appealing. Utilising persuasive language within your blog titles can evoke a sense of curiosity from your audience and tempt them to click through to your content on the basis that if they do not, they will be deprived of vital information.

4. Be negative (yes, really!)

Recent research has disclosed how top-performing titles often skew towards a negative standpoint. Arguably, this is due to the fact that web users are more likely to click through to a blog post when the consequences of inaction could be perceived as being possibly detrimental, particularly in a professional capacity. Consider the following:

Positive: 5 tips that will make your blog post title 100x more clickable

Negative: 5 warning signs that you’ve been writing your blog post titles incorrectly

Utilising negative language in your titles will not only elicit a sense of urgency from your readers, but also allow your post to stand out from the millions of other blogs circulating the market.

5. Redraft your title several times

As you regularly revise the main body of your post, you should also set aside time to adjust your title accordingly. Reworking your header will not only ensure that your wording is relevant, but it will also confirm that your title is completely error-free – something that will reiterate your blog’s credibility.


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